Our Mission:

Providing diabetes-education services to the general public and support for people living with diabetes in Delaware County, Ohio. 


Camp Hamwi application is now open!

Please go down to the weekly updates page below for more information and forms.

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Delaware Diabetes Association has now multiple platforms; Our goal as community is to make people aware of this cause.  Please follow DCDA on Facebook for more information and updates on our events.

Camp Hamwi Application:

DCDA has received funds from the Delaware County Healthcare Foundation to pay for 2/3’s of camp dues for 6 individuals ages 3-17 with Type 1 Diabetes.

Application and other registration requirements are attached below.




Become a Friend of the DCDA:

With a simple donation of 25 dollars we as a nonprofit organization can fulfill our mission to educate and provide basic necessities for diabetics living in Delaware County.

For more information about donating or other options, click the Ways To Donate tab.

Other Options: 

Did you know if you shop at GFS or The Delaware County Community Market you can donate to The Delaware County Diabetes Association.

By filling out a simple google form and printing out your certificate, you can make a difference.  Present the given certificate at check out and the donation will be automatically made.

Want to be a Volunteer???

The DCDA is always looking for concerned and caring individuals to carry out our mission. We are looking for motivated individuals who are interested in shaping the future of Delaware County.  Please fill out the attached google form below for further processing.  For more information about this volunteer program or about signing up contact DCDA today!